the stickers arrive apex legends beside Season 15: Eclipse, making them the primary new beauty merchandise kind to be launched to the sport since emotes had been added in Season 9. Stickers perform as ornamental gadgets that can be utilized to additional customise a participant’s gear, including a private contact to your arsenal. Nonetheless, you possibly can’t simply stick them on something and name it a day, these stickers solely stick with sure issues.

Apex Legends design director Evan Nikolich just lately spoke with GameSpot. Jordan Ramee about upcoming adjustments to in-game cosmetics. Adorning your weapon is one factor, most video games have some form of weapon customization lately, however adorning your protect cell is sort of one other, and these stickers do not stick to simply something. Learn on for detailed info on the latest beauty merchandise in Apex Legends.

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Stickers can be added to the following items:

  • shield cells
  • shield batteries
  • syringes
  • first aid kits
  • Phoenix Kits

At the moment, only healing items can be decorated with stickers, though that may change in the future. Nikolich told us that decals are exclusive to healing items “for now,” but declined to elaborate. However, he confirmed a few things:

  • The stickers will be available for purchase.
  • They may be included in the Eclipse Battle Pass, but Nikolich can’t say for sure.
  • The recent change to animations for healing items was implemented in preparation for the arrival of stickers.
Stickers can be applied to healing items and will be visible when the item is in use.

As for who is making them, the stickers are exclusively designed in-house at the moment. Many of them feature the work of Respawn’s lead animator, Moy Parra. In his spare time, Parra makes animated shorts for his ToonCraft YouTube Channel, creating content that depicts the legends interacting outside of combat. The results are often hilarious and always entertaining. In fact, some of Parra’s ToonCraft creations are coming to the game in the form of stickers, including an adorable sticker featuring Wattson dressed as Nessie (as seen in one of Parra’s YouTube videos). Parra’s chibi art style fits the aesthetic of the sticker perfectly.

Nikolich tells us that all decals will be designed in-house for the time being, but he doesn’t rule out the possibility of fan artists getting involved in the future, similar to how Respawn reached out to community artists in the past, ordering fan created transition screenscosmetic designs for the skin, and even VTuber Avatar Models.

Players will not see the full set of trading cards until Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse goes live on Tuesday, November 1. In the meantime, be sure to make sure you’ve taken your golden ticket and you finish hunted battle pass before it expires.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, apex legends mobileis available for download at Android Y iOS devices.

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