Pokemon Scarlet and Violet deliver some new additions to the sport, which suggests there are many new pocket monsters to gather and battle. Whenever you struggle sure Pokémon, it isn’t clear what sort they’re initially, so studying what strikes to make use of is essential! if you wish to know what Ceruledge’s Weaknesses are then we are going to stroll you thru them on this information.

If you wish to see all of the weaknesses and strengths of any Pokémon, head over to our Pokemon Kind Desk information!

Ceruledge’s Weaknesses

Ceruledge is a Fireplace and Ghost-type Pokemon, which suggests it has weaknesses to Floor, Rock, Ghost, Water, and Darkish-type strikes. It’s resistant to regular and preventing strikes, and is immune to poison, bug, metal, fireplace, grass, ice, and fairy-type assaults.

Whereas any Floor, Rock, Ghost, Water, and Darkish-type strikes will likely be sufficient to complete Ceruledge off, you may wish to deal with Bodily Assault strikes when you have them. Ceruledge has the next Particular Protection, which suggests you may have significantly better luck utilizing Bodily Assaults.

As for the precise Pokemon you wish to keep away from within the battle in opposition to Ceruledge, you may wish to be sure to miss Bug, Grass, Ice, Metal, Ghost, and Psychic. Everybody has a minimum of one weak spot to Ceruledge’s assaults. Ceruledge may carry psychic strikes, so be careful for Preventing and Poison Pokemon.

That is all you might want to know concerning the strikes that will likely be finest used in opposition to Ceruledge. For extra detailed guides, remember to head over to the Pokémon part of our web site.


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