The place did he get the concept that Muslims ought to “reduce the throats of the disbelievers”? May it have been from the Qur’an, which directs Muslims to “strike the neck” of unbelievers (47:4; cf. 8:12)? Nonetheless, he’s being despatched for a psychiatric examination, as a result of the French authorities are dogmatically satisfied of the proposition that Islam is peaceable and benign, and subsequently it can not presumably be his motivation.

“Bordeaux: Shout your help for Daesh on the busy rue Sainte-Catherine”, translated from “Bordeaux: il hurle son soutien à Daech dans la rue Sainte-Catherine bondée”, Sud Ouest, Oct 23, 2022 (because of Medforth) :

A 21-year-old man from Bordeaux, already recognized for related incidents, was arrested on Saturday, October 22, within the late afternoon. He was taken into police custody for “glorifying terrorism.”

His screams startled passers-by. On Saturday, October 22, at round 6:30 p.m., on the primary procuring road within the heart of Bordeaux, rue Sainte-Catherine, nonetheless packed a couple of minutes earlier than the outlets closed, a younger man started shouting disturbing feedback. “Be a part of the Islamic State!” “We should slaughter the unbelievers,” he shouted.

Alerted, the police shortly intervened. Arrested and brought again to the central police station, the younger man, a 21-year-old from Bordeaux from an uneventful household, was taken into police custody for “glorifying terrorism”. He was nonetheless there, this Sunday evening, October 23, police custody of him having been prolonged.

His house was raided. No proof of radicalization was discovered. Nonetheless, the pc {hardware} nonetheless must be analyzed. Already recognized for related incidents, in 2019 and 2021, the younger man must endure a psychiatric examination earlier than a potential referral to the prosecution, on Monday, October 24, which can determine on the measures to be taken.


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