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Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb, who as Grand Imam of Al-Azhar from Cairo is probably the most senior cleric in Sunni Islam, met once more together with his buddy Pope Francis in Bahrain on Friday and gave us top-of-the-line episodes but. of your buddy film in progress. Serie. Every time these two get collectively, they at all times serve up steaming heaps of cynical hoax, Islamic proselytizing, and leftist agitprop, and Friday’s episode was no totally different. In truth, it was one of the high-profile examples but of how Islamic leaders use interfaith dialogue to additional their very own ends, making fools of their naive Christian counterparts over and over.

On the Bahrain Discussion board for Dialogue, based on Church Militant, al-Tayyeb acknowledged that “what is alleged and promoted occasionally concerning the establishment of conflict in Islam towards the infidels isn’t true. In truth, it’s a true lie about Islam and the lifetime of its prophet, even when that is claimed by some followers of the identical faith, a faith that’s primarily based on proof and testimonies, not on ambiguities and lies.” The “lie” that al-Tayyeb had in thoughts was the simply demonstrable proposition that Islam is the one main world faith that has a developed doctrine involving warfare towards the subjugation of non-believers. Regardless of statements to that impact by quite a few Muslim clerics and plain proof of greater than 42,000 violent jihad assaults all over the world since 9/11, al-Tayyeb insisted it was all a misunderstanding.

After all, we’ve got heard this tune earlier than, and al-Tayyeb knew this and advised the Pope: “I hope you aren’t tired of the fixed claims that Islam is a faith of peace and equality.” Pope Francis, after all, was the other of boring. He by no means tires of such issues, as in 2013 he himself declared, with an insensitivity to information and proof that was actually spectacular, that “genuine Islam and the right studying of the Koran are against all types of violence.” . ”

Why is it so troublesome for Westerners to grasp? Properly, largely it is as a result of it is not even remotely true, however so far as al-Tayyeb is worried, it was as a result of Muslim students have been lower than “diligent in informing Westerners about true Islam.” He stated they need to “proceed to focus on what Islam encompasses when it comes to lofty beliefs, human brotherhood and cooperation, and different commonalities that the West and East agree on and welcome.” Sure good concept. Maybe he can clarify the place precisely the Qur’an requires “human brotherhood and cooperation” with non-Muslims, whom the Islamic holy ebook calls “the vilest of created beings” (98:6).

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