We already know that Hideo Kojima is engaged on a brand new sport, however the beloved creator determined to explode some rumors which were circulating for years. Within the newest episode of his podcast, mind constructionKojima confirmed that the rumors about his involvement within the indie sport Deserted are false and that he did not even perceive them at first.

In brief, some followers theorized that the little-known indie mission Deserted it was really a Kojima stealth sport, just like the faux model of Metallic Gear Strong 5 that debuted on Spike VGAs earlier than the precise launch. In accordance with these rumours, Blue Field Studios’ Hasan Kahraman was merely Hideo Kojima in disguise, and Deserted was really a brand new Silent Hill entry just like the infamously canceled Silent Hills mission.

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On the podcast, Kojima revealed that fans continue to send him deepfakes and image collages of Kahraman, which he calls “a huge hassle.” He points out that the rumors have been circulating for two years and that Abandoned has yet to be released. Kojima also confirms that he was never involved in the project and that he would never repeat the trick from MGS5, since he doesn’t do the same thing twice.

In response to this news, Blue Box tweeted that they are “working hard on Abandoned”, further stating that the rumors were “a burden”. Later in that same interview, Kojima said that the major stakeholders in the video game industry have offered to buy his studio for “ridiculously high prices” but that he is determined to remain independent. Meanwhile, Kojima has been stirring up a next project with some strange interrogative words. We have also seen rumors of death stranding 2as well as another Kojima project for Xbox.

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