“…with actual Muslim students cowering in silence, the academy produces a crop of ‘progressive’ Muslim professors who train a deconstructed Islam for the world’s city progressive elite,” mentioned Georgetown College professor Jonathan Brown. tweeted. The December 5, 2020 Twitter thread of this American convert to Islam who has change into a number one apologist for all issues Islamic, together with slavery, additional illustrates a beforehand mentioned rising battle between Islamic doctrine and LGBT agendas.

like brown specified in your thread,

I heard of a distinguished professor who taught college students all about “Islam and lgbtq”, however by no means taught them the huge, mass, majority opinion of the Islamic custom or Muslims around the globe on the topic.

Such Muslim students had merely change into dime-awakened activists, Brown indicated with disappointment:

These alternative clergy could criticize the system (and I agree with many of those factors and criticize together with them), however not more than another dedicated activist professor. Their Muslim, their theism, their connection to Custom has been faraway from existence.


The monolithically politically appropriate environment of academia even contents Brown to determine the Muslim nonconformists whom he revered within the Ivory Tower:

There are actually exceptions (I would title them however I do not wish to intoxicate them), however many I’ve seen really despise their very own faith. They passionately argue that it by no means actually existed. Precisely what college students have to see for the immune response to work. Muslim drawback solved.


Brown’s orthodox professions are unusually misplaced at Georgetown’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Middle for Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU). He headed the Saudi-based ACMCU for 4 years till 2019, and has since continued on the college. Regardless of this Wahhabi pedigree, the ACMCU has satirically taken a constantly progressive line on all issues regarding trendy Western “sexual standing” insurance policies.

The ACMCU Fb web page, for instance, posted a petition on October 21, 2021, by the left-wing spiritual group Devoted America. “Matt LaBanca was a beloved Catholic elementary college music instructor, till the Bishop of Brooklyn fired him for marrying the person he loves,” the petition description acknowledged. She denounced the “hateful discrimination” in opposition to LaBanca and requested for his reinstatement.

Alwaleed Center 1Faithful America 1

Quite a few ACMCU social media posts on Fb and Twitter have additionally voiced opposition to limiting abortion, even supposing Islamic doctrines provide appreciable reservations on abortion. Nevertheless, the ACMCU Bridge Initiative in opposition to “Islamophobia” tweeted on September 23, 2021, an article in opposition to “Utilizing Islam to criticize the abortion ban” in Texas. Pillorying pro-life sentiments as a type of American reactionary, the tweet summed up the Muslim creator’s arguments:

Such comparisons perpetuate anti-Muslim views of the barbarity and brutality inherent in Islam, and refuse to acknowledge the white Christian nationalism on the coronary heart of America’s anti-abortion laws.

girlfriend 1

In contrast, Brown himself would hardly appear to awaken many along with his protection of Islamic regulation, which in Muslim theocracies, together with the Islamic Republic of Iran, has had dire penalties for homosexuals. Because the tweeted on December 14, 2020,

Apparently, Islam additionally says that Sharia have to be applied in “a nation state” or in a “caliphate”. So? Final time I checked in a democracy, folks can publicly defend the understandings of the regulation that they suppose are the perfect. Until that is not proper? Possibly solely Muslims cannot?


This willingness to just accept the Muslim majority may set the correct at odds with Brown’s considerations that US lawmakers tolerate dissent from folks like him on leftist pelvic politics. As he pleaded on a November 7, 2020, cheep,

I hope the Democratic Get together embraces the federation of the nation’s legal guidelines and authorities, acknowledges that many Individuals suppose the intense progressive social agenda is loopy, and does not attempt to impose it on a nationwide stage.


As Brown defined in a tweet reply,

I’m a Muslim and I’m fairly involved about a number of the gender/sexuality parts of the progressive agenda. Tons and plenty of Individuals are. His views are primarily based on religion, pure regulation, and infrequently practicality. However there is no such thing as a level in debating this!


Brown’s fellow Muslim scholar Shadee Elmasry has additionally famous uncompromisingly inflexible LGBT devotions. “In any debate about transgender ideology, what number of seconds go by earlier than you’re accused of ‘opening up trans folks to violence,’” he mentioned. tweeted on July 14, 2022. As he has identified in public debates with Brown, “fascist liberals” ruthlessly use state energy to persecute all heretics of LGBT orthodoxies, Muslim or not.


Confronted with such realities, Brown has needed to abandon his earlier imaginative and prescient of tactical political alliances between Muslim and LGBT teams. He had advocated a “comfortable liberal, pluralistic society” during which “completely different teams” would “pursue their very own ethical, spiritual views, or existence beneath a shared safety of rights.”

Ideologists like Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar have made this platform not possible. she triumphantly tweeted with their rainbow profile icon on June 1, 2022, “Completely satisfied Satisfaction Month! We won’t cease combating till all LGBTQ+ Individuals can stay free from discrimination.” As Brown advised Elmasry, some Muslims “have utterly jumped into Kool-Support” and Brown’s “Muslim sister” Omar “has made it successfully not possible for me as a Muslim to assist his program.” “What universe are folks in who suppose it is halal?” he requested about LGBT promotion; specifically, “Muslims shouldn’t dance in homosexual delight parades.”


Alternatively, American Islamic scholar Yasir Qadhi, a not-so-reformed Muslim who hates Israel, has argued in webinars that Muslims ally with different spiritual conservatives in opposition to LGBT social sexualization. He correspondingly replied in a October 13 tweet to the latest uproar in Muslim-majority Dearborn, Michigan, over “LGBTQ+ books in faculties that comprise sexually specific materials.” As she wrote,

Folks from all completely different religions come collectively to cease the indoctrination of youngsters in faculties. Conservative Christians and Jews want to know that Muslims are their allies within the need for a extra pure and morally upright society.


Qadhi’s instance highlights the futility of making an attempt to harmonize the sexual revolution’s radical “my physique, my alternative” ideology of autonomy with Islam, a phrase meaning “submission” to Islam’s many spiritual guidelines. Qadhi himself in contrast in a December 8, 2018, tweet how “the concept of ​​consuming pork or bacon” disgusts us with the vice of “communicate ailing” of gossip. This displays the unusual aversions that some Muslims have in the direction of supposedly evil and canonically soiled pigs. Not surprisingly, these unreeducated Muslims present disgust and disapproval of unnatural sexual behaviors and gender identities.


Past faculty lecture rooms dominated by novel’s awakening etiquette, unusual religious Muslims are outspoken in expressing their revulsion towards LGBT behaviors. This presents huge difficulties for teams aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, such because the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), as can be examined within the remaining article on this collection.


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