As Iranian girls protest in opposition to obligatory headband (hijab) legal guidelines and “morality police” actions within the nation, and are killed for daring to name for freedom, Turkey’s “secular” opposition celebration has launched a legislation proposal to parliament, help the usage of the veil in all state establishments.

The chairman of Turkey’s foremost opposition Republican Folks’s Celebration (CHP), Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, lately introduced in a video on social media that his celebration would suggest a legislation on the headband concern.

In line with the proposal,

Ladies who’re employed in public establishments and organizations and who follow a career in reference to skilled organizations of the kind of public establishments is probably not subjected to any coercion that violates basic rights and freedoms, akin to carrying or not carrying clothes that’s not a coat. , aprons, uniforms, and so on., which they need to put on within the area of the train of their career.

The proposal is stunning and unconventional for the CHP, Turkey’s founding celebration. The CHP emblem consists of the “Six Arrows”, considered one of which represents secularism (laïcité/secularism). For many years, the celebration opposed the carrying of the veil in state establishments.

In response to the CHP proposal, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan known as for “offering an answer on the constitutional degree, not by means of a legislation.” Erdogan claimed that the veil was now not an issue in Turkey and that nobody had an issue carrying it in public establishments or colleges. He added: “Whether it is honest, allow us to amend the structure to fully clear up the issue.”

In reality, the Erdogan authorities has eliminated all restrictions concerning the carrying of the veil in state establishments, together with colleges. So the CHP invoice appears to be aimed toward successful the votes of spiritual Muslims and stopping the Muslim lots from considering that the CHP would deliver again veil restrictions in public establishments.

The shortage of democracy, secularism and human rights in Turkey is a a lot deeper drawback than the veil concern. Earlier than Erdogan got here to energy in 2012, the nation’s non-Islamist governments pursued many insurance policies that helped additional Islamize the nation: opening many imam hatip (khatib) Islamic colleges and Islamic theology colleges all through the nation, sustaining the Directorate of Non secular Affairs (Diyanet) as the one state establishment in issues of faith, an act that goes in opposition to the precept of secularism, and the gradual discount of non-Muslims within the nation are a few of these insurance policies. Erdogan is now finishing the method of whole Islamization of Turkey. Immediately the Diyanet price range suppresses even the budgets of many ministries.

In line with the second article of the Turkish structure, “The Republic of Turkey is a democratic, secular and social state ruled by the rule of legislation.” Nevertheless, true secularism and democracy within the nation ended earlier than they started. A state that systematically persecutes and discriminates in opposition to its non-Muslim residents can’t be thought-about “secular” or “democratic”, it doesn’t matter what its structure says. Because the Christian, Jewish, and Yazidi populations in Anatolia collapsed over the many years attributable to government-led insurance policies such because the Christian genocide of 1913-23, so did Turkey’s prospects for forming a wholesome democracy that defend human dignity, freedom and the rule of legislation. and human rights. Moreover, Christians and different non-Muslims have by no means been free to proselytize or share their religion with the general public. This might have led extra individuals to go away Islam, an act that may have strengthened Turkey’s probabilities of being a democracy that respects basic human rights.

The truth that the CHP is publicly and formally embracing the problem of the headband, which has grow to be a worldwide image of political Islam, is worrying for what little stays of Turkish secularism. The web site “The Faith of Peace” explains why Islam is incompatible with democracy:

Islamic legislation is totally incompatible with true democracy. It’s a theocratic system with Allah alone on the head. Allah’s legislation is interpreted by a governing physique of clerics. There isn’t any place for a secular political system wherein all persons are handled as equals…

Islamic legislation relies on the Qur’an and Sunnah, that are established and glued. Legal guidelines made by fallible males (significantly non-Muslims) should not essential; the federal government solely wants to use Islamic legislation. Democratic authorities also needs to not take the place of Allah’s good legislation, which tells us every little thing we have to find out about every day life (to which hand a person ought to “maintain again” when urinating).

If Allah just isn’t the authority, then something much less is a secular dictatorship, together with the rule of even a Muslim inhabitants. As a Muslim-American jurist complained in a current fatwa, “democracy unleashes the authority of the Ummah and units no limits on it.”

Moreover, the one individual, one vote legislation is crucial to democracy however heretical to Islam. In line with the Koran, a girl’s testimony is price solely half that of a person, and Jews and Christians ought to by no means have the identical standing earlier than the legislation as Muslims (and positively ought to by no means be able of authority over Muslims). ). Atheists should be killed outright…

Muhammad and the caliphs who succeeded him dominated on the authority of Allah and didn’t submit their selections to the need of the individuals. There may be additionally no custom of democracy within the 1,400-year historical past of Islam within the Center East and Persia. If the entire world grew to become Muslim in a single day, it’s extremely uncertain that democracy would final, as it might be relevant solely to probably the most mundane issues that aren’t determined by Islamic legislation.

As one other cleric, Sufi Muhammad, put it lately: ‘True Islam doesn’t enable elections or democracy.’”

When tens of hundreds of political prisoners rot in Turkey’s jails on trumped-up prices, when Turkey’s aggression in opposition to Armenia, Greece, Iraq and Syria continues, and thousands and thousands of Turkish residents battle with poverty and excessive inflation charges, Turkey’s political events select to deal with the “veil concern”.

This debate additionally demonstrates the extent of Turkish Islamization. The CHP has at all times pursued hostile insurance policies in opposition to non-Muslim communities, significantly in the course of the one-party interval, throughout which it dominated the nation from 1923 to 1950. Nevertheless, the celebration additionally claims to uphold secularism. As Turkish society has grow to be more and more Islamic through the years, even the CHP now appears to suppose that combating for secularism is outdated and pointless, and that it might be unattainable to win the following nationwide election with out appeasing the non secular Muslim inhabitants of Turkey on the expense of secularism.

Uzay Bulut is a Turkish journalist and political analyst who was beforehand primarily based in Ankara.


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